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Training Tips

1. Take your puppy or dog to training classes. The average dog lives to be about 12 years of age and that is an awful long time to deal with a difficult dog. Take the time to attend classes and be consistent with the commands that you ask of your dog. Attendance is critical when you are enrolled in a class, you can't learn if you are not there, so make your best attempt to attend all the classes in a session. If you need to miss a class call to see when you can make up the lesson that you missed. Attendance is a must, your dog will not learn if you miss class.

2. Keep your practice sessions short. Work on your training exercises for 10 minutes at a time 3 times a day. Your dogs attention will be better and you will be able to progress faster than if you overload them with commands.

3. Make it FUN! Training should be fun for you as well as your dog. Take the time to play with your dog before, during and after you do a training session with your dog. Make training your dog a fun and positive experience!!

4. Use great food treats! Use soft food treats when training your dog that are cut in ¼ inch pieces, about the size of your fingernail. Also provide your dog with a variety in treats. If you use the same food day in and day out can become boring, so add variety to the training menu!

5. Socialize your dog! Make sure your puppy or dog is well socialized with people and other dogs. Take them out to areas where they will be able to see and meet people on a regular basis. Always bring a food treat and have them feed your dog! Also you need to make sure your dog has an opportunity to play with other dogs so that they can be a well-rounded adult dog.

6. Set Goals for your dog and yourself. We find if you have a set goal in mind for your dog you will progress faster. Goal setting should be reasonable so you will have success and once you reach your desired goal then create a new goal. Goal setting is a great why to get the most out of your training and give you that drive to practice.

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