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Camp Curious Canine

The Curious Canine is committed to providing our students an opportunity to benefit from a variety of workshops.

Below are some upcoming workshops we are working on at this time. Call our office if you are interested in these workshops and we will be happy to place you on our list.

Kids and Dog Safety Workshop:

This workshop will teach your children to be safe when they are in the company of dogs. This workshop will meet once for an hour and cover dog safety in a friendly setting. Call if this workshop interests you.

Therapy Dog Workshop:

Do you think your dog would make a good therapy dog? Do they enjoy people and like to go to different places? Perhaps there great temperaments and desire to please can benefit someone who maybe in need? Research has shown that animals can benefit the health of people. Taking dogs into nursing homes and hospitals to help people is a wonderful gift to give to someone. This workshop will teach your dog to be a great Therapy Dog so that you can take your dog with you to assist those who may benefit from a gentle touch of your dog.
Call the office if you are interested in this workshop and we will be happy to place you on our list.

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